Five Reasons To Call A Window Repair Service

Damage to your home's windows necessitates prompt repair. Fortunately, most issues can be fixed by a qualified window repair service.

1. Broken Panes

A broken pane of glass in your window isn't just unsightly, it can pose a hazard. Broken glass shards can cause injury. Further, once broken moisture, insects, and drafts can easily get into your home. The good news is that it is possible to have a single pane of glass replaced without having to replace the entire window. Your service technician will safely remove the old glazing and replace it with a new piece of glass.

2. Condensation

If you have double-pane windows, condensation may start building up between the glass as the windows age. Condensation between the panes means that the seal has broken, so the window no longer provides the same insulative benefits. If you aren't ready to replace the glass, you can have the condensation removed. A glass service will drill a small hole through one pane. They will then use a special device to suck out the moisture.

3. Stuck Casement

Are you having difficulty opening or closing your window? There are a variety of issues that can lead to stuck window casements. Frame swelling due to moisture or temperature is common, for example. Frames can also become bent or hardware may loosen, causing the window to get stuck. A repair technician can inspect the window to find the cause, then fix it so the window operates smoothly again.

4. Frame Damage

Damage to a window frame should be addressed promptly. If you have wooden frames, for example, a crack or damaged paint can allow moisture into the wood. This will, at first, cause the wood to swell, and then later rot can occur, necessitating a full window replacement. Having the damage repaired as soon as the damage occurs can save you the hassle and cost of installing an entirely new window.

5. Broken Seals

Drafty windows are typically the result of failed seals and glazing. Your technician will first replace any damaged or missing weatherstripping, then they will ensure any caulk or similar seals are in good repair. In some cases, the old one may require removal and replacement. Finally, the glazing and gaskets that hold the glass in place will be inspected and replaced as necessary so you can have a draft-free window again.

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Damage to your home's windows necessitates prompt repair. Fortunately, most issues can be fixed by a qualified window repair service. 1. Broken Panes

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