Five Health Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning Services

Everyone wants to create a healthy and productive workplace. Generally, when your employees feel good they tend to work better and be more content. One way to keep your staff healthy is by investing in commercial cleaning provider that special in commercial building cleaning. The following are just five benefits.

1. Increase Natural Light

Natural light helps improve mood and may even increase productivity. Natural light can also reduce complaints like eye strain, which tends to be more common under artificial lighting. Although you may not be able to install more windows on your building, you can maximize the light coming through your existing windows. A commercial cleaning service can keep your windows sparkling and dust-free on both the inside and the outside, which allows more light to filter through the glass.

2. Reduce Carpet Mold

Mold can cause respiratory issues, even in healthy people, but it is even more damaging for those with asthma, allergies, and other health conditions. Carpeting is one major vector of mold spores, particularly in offices where a lot of foot traffic occurs. Fortunately, frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning can reduce the amount of mold spores hiding in the office carpet. Further, your cleaning crew can use special HEPA filters on their vacuums to help filter out even more mold spores.

3. Decrease Dust

After mold, dust and dust mites are another major cause of respiratory distress. Offices tend to have hidden dusty spots, such as along window sills or beneath waiting room furniture, that rarely gets cleaned by your office staff. A cleaning crew that deep cleans the office at least once a week will make a point to get to all of these overlooked areas so that you won't have dust or mite issues in your office.

4. Sanitize Surfaces

Although daily sanitizing of high contact surfaces is a job for every staff member to address throughout the day (as it pertains to their work station), a deep cleaning once a week will further ensure there are less germs floating around the office. Your cleaning staff will make sure both the high contact and the low contact surfaces, including walls, are thoroughly sanitized, which helps cut down on the spread of illness.

5. Prevent Pest Problems

Finally, pest problems can be a real issue in some offices, especially those with break rooms or kitchens. Rodents and insects can pose a health and hygiene issue for your staff, as well. An office cleaning service will make sure break rooms are kept clean and crumb-free, which will cut down on the chances of a pest infestation.

Contact a commercial cleaning service today if you want a healthier building tomorrow.

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Everyone wants to create a healthy and productive workplace. Generally, when your employees feel good they tend to work better and be more content. On

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