Tips For Organizing Your Children's Shared Walk-In Closet

Shared rooms are normal for many siblings, but storage can be a real challenge. If your children are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you have a lot more room to work with. This can be a blessing and a burden since more space can sometimes end up meaning more room for clutter. The following tips can help you avoid the clutter and just benefit from the additional space.

Split the Space

The simplest way to maintain an organized space is to split the closet in two halves. Give one side to one child and the other side to the other. The back wall can be a shared storage space. It can be tempting to allow one child more space, especially if the older child, for example, has more clothing or toys. Unfortunately, this will just result in an overflowing closet in a few years when your second child catches up to their sibling in terms of possessions. Sticking to an equitable sharing of space from the beginning helps avoid a possession bottleneck in the future.

Use Layered Organization

The standard closet typically comes with a clothing bar running down each side. If you are lucky, there may be a shelf above the rods. Layered organized can provide clothing bars and multiple lengths, which provides more clothing storage and lower bars for young children. You can also integrate shelves, drawers, and cabinets into each side of the closet. A modular layered closet organization is ideal because then you can move the different components around to meet the evolving needs of your children as they grow.

Keep Some Items Out of Reach

A few storage cabinets or shelves placed near the ceiling not only provide more storage, but they also help with organization when it comes to younger children. You can store out-of-season clothing and toys in these areas where the kids can't reach, which can help prevent the issue of a child wanting to wear their swimsuit in the middle of a blizzard. Further, you can store toys that require adult supervision where little hands can't reach them.

Add Laundry Storage

Don't overlook laundry. The shared back wall of a walk-in closet is the ideal place to install a laundry system. This can be a single laundry bin, or you can opt for a divided unit so that your kids can help with the pre-sorting of their laundry. Tilt-out bins work well. These bins prevent the issue of clean items falling into the dirty laundry since the bins have to be opened for access.

Contact a company that sells walk-in closet organization systems for more inspiration.

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