Must-Have Features For A Restaurant Office

Operating a restaurant requires more than greeting guests and serving delicious meals. There is an entire operational business side that must also be managed. For this reason, it's common to carve out at least a small office in a restaurant. Learn how to outfit this space with the right furniture.

Large Work Surface

Only look for desks with large working surfaces. A restaurant manager has to order inventory, make work schedules, manage personnel records, and perform many other tasks. As a result, the manager will need plenty of space to spread out and review any paperwork they need to complete these tasks. Desks with hutches installed on the top or shelving should generally be avoided in this instance since they take up usable space. 

Durable Materials

Choose office furniture made from durable materials. Restaurant managers and supervisors spend some of their time in the office and the rest of their time helping in the kitchen or on the floor. This back-and-forth work schedule could lead to food spills on the furniture or even the occasional bump as the person makes their way in and out of the office. The more durable the furniture, the more equipped it is to withstand the constant activity. 

Plenty of Storage

Limited space is often an issue in restaurants, so you'll want to outfit the office with as much storage furniture as possible. Floor-to-ceiling storage units or rolling storage cabinets that can fit under the desk are two excellent options to consider in order to keep all the records on site and within reach when they are needed. If you choose floor-to-ceiling cabinets, don't forget to invest in a stepping stool so that you can take advantage of all the storage space.

Extra Seating

Don't forget to invest in extra seating for the office space. Ideally, interviews or sit-downs with employees can be held in the dining room. However, depending on the time of the day, there might not be enough space in the dining room, or it might be a challenge to find a private area. Extra seating in the office means that you always have an option to meet in the office, if necessary. A compact office chair without armrest is best for a tight space since they can more easily slide under the desk. 

Whether your restaurant has a single manager or a team of floating supervisors, the right furniture in the office helps improve productivity in the office, and in the restaurant overall. If you're interested in finding out more, visit a site such as

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