When Texas Meets Southwest Style, You Can Transform Any Living Space Into A Ranch-Themed Retreat

If you love the great state of Texas, it's only natural to want to incorporate your love of all things Texas into your living space. Whether you live in a spacious farmhouse in the country or a small apartment in the city, you can transform the place you call home into a ranch-themed retreat. Combining the warm Southwest decorating style with Texas décor is the key to success.

Take advantage of the colors of the southwest

Southwest style is warm and inviting. Think about the natural colors of a southwest landscape and bring those colors into your living space. Brown, dark yellow, burnt orange, olive green, and deep reds will mimic the color of golden sunsets, rich soil, and cathedral oak trees.

If you own your home, consider painting the walls in the colors of the Southwest. If you rent your home or don't want to paint your walls, you can still add plenty of Southwest style to any room by using colorful pillows, throws, or area rugs to evoke a warm and inviting feeling.

Let wood work its wonders

When it comes to selecting furnishings for a ranch-themed room, you can't go wrong with wood. Wood is naturally warm and will enhance the Southwest color palette. Rustic and weathered type woods work best.

Select chunky styles of furniture rather than sleek or slim styles. Mix and match light and dark woods to provide a pleasing contrast. Paint one piece of wooden furniture, such as an accent table or end stand, in a deep shade of red or green to add a Southwest pop of color.

Recycle old hats and boots into decorations

One of the easiest ways to create a ranch-themed room is to take advantage of cowboy hats and cowboy boots you may already have around the house. You can also find old boots and hats at flea markets and garage sales. Hats make great wall decorations, and cowboy boots can be used on the hearth of a fireplace, on a shelf, or lined up against a wall to add some instant cowboy flair to any room.

Finish it off with some Texas artwork

Adding Texas artwork to your living space is the perfect finishing touch. Items to look for include wooden wall hangings in the shape of the state of Texas, large wooden letters that spell Texas, and antlers. Framed pictures of longhorn cattle, Texas bluebonnet flowers, and flag-themed photos will make a powerful statement on any wall.

Turning any living space into a Ranch-style retreat is as easy as observing the colors of the Southwest and incorporating them into your home. Add the right furniture and plenty of Texas-style decorations, and you will have a cozy ranch-themed home in no time at all.

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