Reasons To Carry A Fire Extinguisher When You Camp

When you head into the woods on a camping trip, you're more likely concerned with being able to start a fire than to put one out. However, when you're assembling your camping gear, you should think about adding a small fire extinguisher to the items that you'll be carrying with you. A standard fire extinguisher is all that you'll need; you don't need to worry about one that is designed to put out electrical fires, for example, as you're unlikely to encounter this type of blaze on a camping trip. Here are some reasons to carry a fire extinguisher with you when you camp.

Controlling Your Fire

A campfire is valuable for heat and cooking, but it can quickly get out of hand for multiple reasons. For example, if your wood is wet, sparks will crackle and fly out of the fire, possibly landing on dry leaves or pine needles in the immediate vicinity. If you're near a body of water, having a couple of buckets of water at the ready is a good idea — but you should also have a fire extinguisher ready to go. It can be effective for controlling a campfire that is threatening to spread because of high-wind conditions.

Helping Those Around You

Campers will often encounter other campers while in the woods, and it's possible that you may come across someone who isn't as prepared as you. Hearing the concerned shouts from campers at an adjacent site can alert you to a potential fire issue that they may be experiencing. For example, perhaps someone was smoking and tossed his or her lit cigarette butt onto the ground rather than disposing of it safely. If the ground has begun to smoulder and the campers are frightened, you can show up on the scene promptly with your new fire extinguisher.

Driving An Animal Away

One of the threats that you can encounter while you're camping is having an animal visit your campsite, likely drawn by the smell of your unsecured food. Most animals will flee upon you confronting them, but there's also a chance that if an animal is hungry, it may become hostile toward you or a family member. Turning your fire extinguisher — which can generally spray water a considerable distance — on the animal can be enough to drive it away while you and your family members quickly make a scramble for the safety of your vehicle.

Contact a local fire extinguisher supplier like Fire Foe Corp to find the right one for your needs. 

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