3 Helpful Services Offered By Residential Air Conditioning Contractors

During the summer, you rely on your air conditioning unit a lot. So much so that it needs to be properly maintained. Caring for this unit doesn't have to be that hard when you hire an air conditioning contractor, who can provide the following services. 

Check for Refrigerant Leaks 

One of the more troubling things to find wrong with your AC unit is leaking refrigerant. This can happen to older systems and it can result in higher energy bills. If you suspect that your HVAC system is leaking refrigerant, don't hesitate to contact an air conditioning contractor.

They'll administer a leak detection test, where special dyes are sent through your cooling lines. This dye is designed to show up when UV light shines directly on it. So after the dye is sent through your system, the contractor can pinpoint the exact source of the leak. They can then apply the proper patch, as if the leak wasn't there in the first place. 

Replace Faulty Thermostats 

When there is a problem with your thermostat, your AC unit may not even turn on. Since a number of issues could be causing this to happen, it's best to hire an air conditioning contractor when experiencing thermostat malfunctions.

They'll first test the wiring on your old thermostat. It may just need some adjustments. If that doesn't do the trick and you do in fact need a new thermostat, the contractor can recommend particular models that work best with your HVAC equipment. They'll take care of the entire installation, as well as run tests to ensure it's performing normally.

Clean Integral Parts 

There are certain components of your air conditioning unit that always need to be clean, because if they aren't, your unit will have to work harder and could potentially break down. A licensed air conditioning contractor can effectively clean these parts.

They'll check to make sure your air filter is clean. If it's not, they can install a new one to ensure your cooling system operates efficiently. They'll also clean the blower and blower assembly thoroughly, often with portable air compressors. These machines enable the contractor to clean quickly and safely. Finally, they'll remove any dirt and debris around your vents so that air flow isn't impeded in any way.

The HVAC system is such an important appliance in your home. With help from an air conditioning contractor, you can keep this system working great for years and save yourself a fortune on repairs. 

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