Choose A Twin Size Bed For Your Child

If your 4-year-old has been sleeping in a toddler bed for the last couple years and you have been contemplating their transition to a standard twin bed, choosing a bed that is affordable, able to grow with your child, and functional are important. Don't jump on the first deal you see or be influenced by another parent's opinion. Instead, see what type of beds are for sale at a furniture store (try one like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses) and learn what each one has to offer.

Don't Necessarily Go For The Sale Items

An affordable bed does is dependent upon the fact that it is currently marked down. Sure, you may be able to land a good deal this way, but you also may be able to pay just a little bit more money and be able to acquire a bed that is made with top-of-the-line materials. A bed that will last for years can truly be considered more affordable than one that is going to be damaged within a short time span.

Craftsmanship is important if you plan on your child sleeping in the new bed throughout their childhood and adolescence, so be sure to check out what materials specific frames are constructed of and ask a salesperson about weight restrictions, recalls on specific models, and guarantees that come with particular models.

Consider The Use Of Rails And Built-In Storage

Since your child is still fairly young, perhaps you would like to start them off with a bed that is designed for the use of rails. Rails can clip onto many models, but you may find that they are easier to secure to a frame that has been designed specificially for the use of rails. You may even be able to located a model that comes with wooden or metal rails.

The rails will prevent your child from spilling out of bed as they grow accustomed to their new sleeping area. As your child grows, simply remove the rails and store them in a closet or attic until you are ready to use them with one of your younger children.

Built-in storage is another thing to consider if you are someone who would like to get more organized or if your child's room tends to get messy on a daily basis, due to all of the clothing and toys that they own. Built in drawers that are under the bed will keep items orderly and will make it easy for your child to access specific clothing items or toys when they desire.

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