Do You Need More Seating Space In Your Restaurant?

Did your dream of owning your own restaurant come true? Perhaps you always wanted to serve meals that your mother had taught you how to cook. What you might not have expected was for your customers to love the foods on your menu so much that there is not enough seating. On one hand, you are probably thrilled that your restaurant is such a success. On the other hand, you might be trying to figure out where to seat all of your new and return customers. From arranging to add restaurant patio enclosure to the restaurant to planning for extra seating outside, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Restaurant Patio Enclosure - Consider two of the ways you can enclose your existing patio to give you more space inside the restaurant. One of the choices would be to have a contractor build a permanent structure that would incorporate the outdoor patio into a part of the restaurant's floor plan. If you do that, consider choosing doors as part of the design of the patio enclosure. By doing so, you would still have the option of opening the doors on pretty days so that customers could sit outside. Another idea is to select a portable restaurant patio enclosure that is made of sturdy fabric. The good part about selecting this kind of enclosure is that you could take it down during spring and fall seasons when the weather is more than likely consistently pretty enough to eat outdoors. Select a restaurant patio enclosure that complements the facade of your restaurant. You can probably find one with bay windows to add a bit of interest to the patio enclosure. 

Extra Outdoor Seating - There may be customers who love the idea of eating outside, even if a patio enclosure offers them indoor seating. If you decide to provide tables and chairs outdoors, consider buying huge, colorful umbrellas to place over each table arrangement. If you have space, think of adding attractive tents in the outdoor area. Those would come in very handy when you are cooking and serving a meal outdoors, perhaps to a family reunion group or for a corporate event. Choose tents that would be appropriate for things like wedding receptions, too. For instance, an elegant white tent would be perfect for a wedding reception. The same white tent would work well for things like wedding anniversaries when you want to establish an elegant mood. 

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