Modern Furniture Ideas To Make Over Your Home Office

When you want to give your home office a modern makeover, there are lots of different types of contemporary furnishings that can help you achieve this new look. Use the following ideas to inspire you when you head to your local furniture store to purchase new items for your home office.

Club Chairs

Give visitors to your home office a cozy place to sit with a pair of modern club chairs. These chairs come in a variety of designs and colors, and plush cushions provide a cozy touch for your space. Consider placing a small end table in between the chairs to create a complete seating area.

Glass-Top Desk

One way to add a chic, modern vibe to your space is to invest in a glass-top desk. These desks offer a clean, low-profile look, and they often feature unique leg designs to complement the glass. Some may include polished or brushed chrome legs, while others may have a built-in set of drawers to provide extra storage space. If your glass-top desk does not have drawers, consider adding a sleek chrome filing cabinet to provide the storage space you need in your home office.

Updated Chaise Lounge

Sometimes you need a comfortable place to sit and brainstorm that's far away from your computer screen. An updated chaise lounge offers just the thing for stretching out and mulling over business propositions. Choose an upholstery color that matches your club chairs, and tuck the lounge sofa in a corner of the home office. Add a reading light and end table to this area so it can also be used as a reading nook.

Floating Entertainment Center

You may want to add a flat-screen television to your office so you can keep track of the local news, or you may simply want to play video games as an escape from work throughout the day. An entertainment center provides a solution for both, but you'll want a modern design to match your new contemporary decor theme. A floating entertainment center offers the modern furniture and design look you want while still providing storage for your gaming systems, electronic components, and even some small office supplies. These entertainment centers are mounted to the wall, giving them the appearance of floating in the room. They come in rich wood finishes or painted designs to match your color scheme.

Head to your local furniture store for more contemporary furnishing ideas, and remember that every item doesn't have to come from the home office section of the store. Look at nightstands, coffee tables, and other home furnishings to give your home office a unique look.

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