Weed Control Tips for Your Business's Property

Weed control and prevention can be essential for keeping the grounds of your business in good condition. However, there are many individuals that will find that they are struggling to effective prevent weeds from growing. To help you minimize the amount of time and energy you must expend on weed control, you should consider these tips to keep your business's property as weed-free as possible without increasing your workload.

Keep Your Lawn Slightly Taller

While mowing the grass will be a task that must be done regularly, you may find that keeping the grass an inch or two taller can greatly reduce the ability of weeds to grow. This is due to the fact that it will be more difficult for weeds to obtain the sunlight that they will need to grow once they have germinated. While this will not completely prevent weeds from eventually growing, it can greatly reduce the prevalence of this problem on your grounds.

Use Mulch And Weed Netting To Limit The Ability Of Weeds To Take Root

The areas of your property were you do not have grass covering the ground can be particularly vulnerable to suffering from weed problems. In these areas, you may be able to help combat this problem by spreading a couple of inches of mulch. The mulch can be too loose for weeds to take root, and this will help to prevent them from growing in these areas. For areas where mulch may not be practical or desirable, it is possible to install weed netting that will also be able to prevent weeds from germinating while being fairly discrete.

Both the weed netting and the mulch will need to be periodically replaced as the netting will gradually degrade and stretch while mulch will decompose. Ideally, you should inspect your weed netting and mulch on a yearly basis to determine whether you should replace them.  

Have Professional Weed Treatments Administered

Applying a variety of herbicides to your property can be an excellent way of helping to stop weeds from growing. However, it can be fairly time-consuming to apply these treatments, and if this is done incorrectly, it could greatly compromise the effectiveness of these treatments.

Rather than doing this work yourself, you should retain a professional weed control service for your business. These professionals will have the expertise necessary to know the appropriate chemicals to use to achieve the best results for your property, and this coupled with eliminating the need for you to personally do this work can make these services well-worth the cost.

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