How To Fix Rusted Dishwasher Racks

Dishwashers are convenient for getting dishes done, but you may notice your racks will rust. Dishwasher racks have a vinyl coating to protect your dishes from breaking or scratching.

The coating comes off from exposure to water or small dings and cracks. Not fixing the rust can cause it to damage the dishwasher frame. It is possible to fix the rusty racks by following these tips.

Prepare to Remove Rust

To remove rust from the rack, gather:

  • work gloves
  • dry cloth
  • sponges
  • sandpaper
  • wool pad
  • oxygenated dishwasher cleaner
  • lime juice and salt (optional)
  • crack sealing solution (optional) 
  • paint brushes
  • anti-corrosive vinyl solution
  • rack touch up paint (optional)

It is easier to clean the racks inside the  dishwasher, since removing the racks involves removing vinyl caps. If you have to remove the racks, check your owner's manual for removal instructions. Disconnect the power cord to the dishwasher. 

Squirt several drops of dish soap in the tub, and activate the 'CLEAN" cycle to help remove rust from the tub., and let the inside of the dryer completely dry. Avoid mixing rust cleaners and removers.

Repair Cracks

To fix a crack, squirt several drops of crack sealing solution on the area, and spread it on using the provided applicator. Usually, you only need to apply three or four thin coats, but check the directions.

 Let the areas dry, which commonly takes twenty-four hours, or aim a fan to speed drying. Test the repair by pouring water over the area, and repeat, if needed.

Fix the Rust

Sand the rust until the surface is smooth, or use a brush attached to a rotary tool. If you run into rusted tine tips, clip them with the wire cutters and buff the cut ends with a steel wool pad.  

Rusted tine tips usually don't react well to rust treatment. They can be fixed with rubber tips from hardware store so appliance stores. Slide the tips on the end of the tine, and press to secure.

If the rust is stubborn and hard to remove, mix a paste of two parts salt and one part lime juice to make an abrasive cleaner. Rub the solution on the rust with a sponge, let it stand two to three hours, then scrub again. 

Use the paintbrush or provided applicator to spread on the vinyl coating, and let it dry. If desired, apply a coat of dryer rack touch-up paint to paint the racks. 

Treat rust on pot and pans, which may cause the problem. Apply a household rust remover to the bottom of the pans, and add water if it is required. Let the remover soak, and clean it with tap water.

If you need more assistance, work with a home appliance repair professional near you.

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