Revitalizing Faded Vinyl Vertical Blinds

If you have a set of vertical blinds that has become faded over the years, chances are you are interested in purchasing a new set in the near future (go to to see blinds for sale). If the cost of a replacement set is an issue, trying to revitalize the set you already have in your possession is an option you can try. Here are a few ideas you can use to make your faded vinyl blinds look better to those who view them.

Try Removing Grime First

Before making a permanent alteration to your vinyl blinds, it is a good idea to clean them in their entirety to make sure the fading you are witnessing is not due to discoloration from excessive dirt build-up. Wash each vinyl panel by hand using a mixture of vinegar and water. This is safe for all surfaces and will easily break up any residue from the vinyl pieces.

Wipe the solution from end to end of a panel, noting whether the coloring starts to become more even as dirt is removed. If you do notice a difference, use a blow-up swimming pool to soak your vinyl pieces for a bit longer. Simply add vinegar to the water in the container and rest the vinyl panels in the solution. Use a non-abrasive sponge to wipe dirt away from the vinyl panels after soaking and rinse well with a garden hose.

Paint Each Panel To Revamp Color

One way to get an even color on your blinds once again is with the application of paint. Look for paint made especially for vinyl surfaces so it adheres properly. Remove your blinds from your window before adding color. It is best to remove each panel from the hanging hardware so a flat surface is obtained for paint application. Add the paint with a sprayer, allowing for drying time between coats. After one side of your blinds are colored, flip the panels over and repeat with the other side.

Use Material To Cover Panels

Consider using pieces of material to cover portions of vinyl where fading is present. If fading is only observed along the bottoms or tops of panels, your vertical blinds can be revitalized with a half-and-half pattern sure to turn heads. Cut material to fit the panel you are coloring and use an adhesive to secure it into place. Trim any excess after the glue dries. Allow your creativity to show with the use of printed patterns, furry or woven materials, and bright colors.

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