The Roof Over Your Head--3 Tips To Find Your Perfect Patio Cover

As summer approaches, you're undoubtedly thinking ahead to how you can spend more time outdoors. After all, the joy of having a yard is being able to get outside and spend time with friends and family. One big way to ensure that you can use your outdoor entertainment space more is to add good overhead protection. Come rain or shine, you'll be out there having a good time. But, how can you find the right patio or deck cover? Here are 3 things to help you make the decision. 

The Home's Architecture

Start your search for great patio covers by considering what the nearby house's style and architecture is like. You'll want something with a similar feel and palette. For example, a sail shade with it's three-pointed design might look great with either a modern home or a casual, beachy one. But it's probably going to stick out like a sore thumb next to a formal or adobe style house.

Along with the house's style, keep in mind its color scheme. Finding a patio cover that complements the exterior palette already in place will make it look more like a planned part of the home. 

Your Weather

Reality should be a big consideration when it comes to protection for your patio. Most areas of the country get some type of harsh weather, whether it's hurricanes in the South or rain and wind in the Northwest. A few sections have much milder winters and can afford to go more for style than practicality.

If you live in an area with tough seasons, look for a patio cover that's more durable, such as solid pergola or an extension of the roof of your home. Suffer frequent storms? Try a cover that can be easily removed, such as the aforementioned sail shades, oversize umbrellas, or retractable awnings. 

Your Budget

Modern technology offers homeowners the ability to custom design and interchange materials according to their own desires. You can, indeed, just about have it all...from solid brick walls to a beautiful gazebo. The level of customization you can achieve, though, may be limited by your budget.

Rather than getting halfway through a patio project and discovering that you've spent all your money on materials and can't afford to accessorize it properly, create a written budget ahead of time. You may even want to break down your budget into categories, such as materials, installation, permits, or embellishments. 

By understanding what will work best for your specific home and climate, you can find the perfect patio cover no matter what your budget. And then, you can get back to the serious business of enjoying your backyard. 

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