2 Inexpensive Ways To Update A Rental Property

If you are a landlord, you want your investment property to remain in respectable condition. A property with functioning and up-to-date appliances, a newer energy-efficient furnace and neutral flooring colors will look great and appeal to a wide range of potential renters. This way, you will almost never experience long term vacancies. If you are looking for additional ways to increase the appeal of your investment without spending a lot of money, consider updating your property before that new tenant moves in.

Window Coverings

Every landlord has been met with the sight of tangled, broken horizontal blinds in nearly every window after a renter moves out. The truth is, the cheaper the blinds, the sooner it will be destroyed by careless tenants simply because they just don't last that long. Stop replacing those cheap blinds for even more cheap blinds every time a tenant moves out. Now is the time to move on to a better way to cover windows with something that will last.

As you sign a new lease with your tenant, discuss with them the opportunity to pick their own style of window coverings. Give them three or four different options to choose from.  When they move in, they are able to enjoy the feeling of ownership of those window coverings, whether they're vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, window shades or curtains. This way tenants are more motivated to treat them well.  You can decide whether or not to request a special deposit for them. Check out sites like http://www.dschultzwallcoverings.com for more.


After a tenant vacates, one area landlords wince at is the paint on the walls. Many times they have several marks, scuffs, and even graffiti.  If you have a very high turnaround on tenants, it's become the norm to quickly slap on some cheap paint between move-ins. Over time the walls slowly grow thick with layers of paint. If you want those walls to look better, consider investing in higher quality paint once you sign that stellar tenant.

Higher quality paints are meant to not only cover well and look great, but they are easier to clean. If you scrub at a scuff or stain on cheap paint, the paint usually rubs off as well, leaving a bare spot.  Look for a paint that specifically claims that surfaces can be cleaned better. When it's time to remove someone's crayon art, the paint stays on the wall and still looks new.

Investing in a better paint and allowing your tenant to choose their own window treatments will help your investment look great and keep your tenant in place for a long time.

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