Buying A Water Softening Sytem? 3 Easy Steps To Follow

Hard water that contains an excess amount of minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium may have negative effects. It can leave a build up of deposits in your pipes, discolor your laundry, damage your appliances and possibly be harmful to your health when it is consumed regularly. If you believe the water in your home is too hard, a simple remedy is to purchase a water softening system for your home. Before doing so, you will need to consider a few key aspects. Here is what you need to do in the easy steps before you choose your water softener:

1. Determine If You Do Indeed Have Hard Water

There are a few signs to be aware of that should alert you to the possibility of your water being too hard. Do you notice spots on your dishes and glasses after they are washed and dry? Does your shower wall or bathtub always seem to have a film or a lime scale build-up? This may be a sign of mineral deposits left by hard water. Does your laundered cloths always seem dingy and not clean enough?

Any of the above signs may indicate hard water in your home. To be certain, buy a testing kit that measures the hardness in your water and mineral amounts as well. The kit may be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement center.

2. Choose the Appropriate Size for Your Water Softening System

Your water softener will exchange the hard minerals for softer minerals in the water, but if it is not the right size for your household, it may not get the job done. The way the sizing is measured is often by grain removal capacity.

After you have tested your water and you have determined the hardness, you'll need to determine how much water you are using per day to choose the right softener size. There are a few ways to make accurate calculations, and suppliers of water softening systems can inform you how to do so. Once this is determined, you can choose the right size for your home.

3. Select the Right Type of Water Softener

As you shop around, you will notice there are various types of water softeners that are designed differently. A timer regenerated water softening system will regenerate according to the set time placed by the user. This may be once weekly or more frequently as you deem fit.

However, if you feel uncertain of setting times, you might opt for another choice. Meter regenerated water softeners will regenerate according to the amount of water being used in the home. You'll need to input some information into the system first, such as grain capacity and hardness levels. Most homeowners prefer this type of system. One other option is to buy a manually regenerated water softening system. This will allow you to regenerate it whenever you choose to, although you will have to set set this manually, as there are no meters or timers built into the system. 

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Anderson Water Systems.

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